The Danida Private Sector Development Programme – Company Guidelines 2c

Applications for Support for Environmental Measures

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The Company Guidelines 2c give instructions on how to prepare a plan for environmental measures in the project phase under the Danida Private Sector Development Programme. The purpose of the guidelines is to give to the companies a set of practical tools for making an evaluation of the status of the working environment and the external environment in connection with the establishment of a business co-operation. The principles for application and granting of support for environmental measures are presented, and it is described which information the application for support under the project phase must contain in relation to the environmental aspects of a co-operation. The guidelines and demands for drafting an environmental impact assessment are presented, and enclosed in the appendix section is a number of checklists that can be used as a starting point for planning the environmental efforts to be made.

Table of Contents:

Guidelines on the PSD Programme
1 Introduction
2 Definition of Concepts
3 Principles for Application
4 The Project Application

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